Fashion Therapy - Flower Power

*This was an Editor's Pick on chictopia, thanks gals!
Nothing like a little sunshine and a flowery dress to brighten up a dreary work day! In keeping with Me-Made May I pulled a skirt on over the dress, which made a sort of dirndl effect that felt fun. I found this dress at a half-off sale, always a wonderful thing, and I want to wear it every day. I almost can't wait for June, when I can take a break from wearing self made clothes every day.

The seashell belt is an interesting accessory, but my favorite is this locket ring I recently found. I put in the only picture of my pup that I have, though it's a little hard to see... anything...

cardigan - h&m | dress - new deal | skirt - self made | belt - thrifted | jewelry - crossroads | shoes - payless

Today's Yays ♥ sleeping in mmmm ♥ tons of fresh fruit for breakfast ♥ no rain! ♥ flowers everywhere! California poppies blooming, a fresh bouquet of sweet smelling roses ♥ blueberry muffins

and I leave you with a song I'm obsessed with right now:


  1. I would never have thought to put a skirt over a dress like that, but it looks really cute on you! Very creative.

  2. This is very cute! I love the print on the dress, and that locket ring is amazing!

  3. Gorgeous dress; gorgeous ring. Great post!

  4. You are so lovely! I love this outfit so much on you..and those accesories are so cute. You look so good in all colors. <3 Hope you're doing well. x

  5. Oh to sleep in and frolic in the poppies....

    Totally admire the me-made-May. Something I would definitely do! ....and give up on halfway through :(

    Um but seriously- let's talk headscarves, that I could do for months!

  6. So freaking cute! Love this look, and great job on the handmade skirt!

    xoxo Maria

  7. i love how all the colors came together in this outfit! so spring-like!

    and i may have to experiment with this skirt over dress business!

  8. Such a cute outfit, I love how you layered the skirt over it! I never would have thought to do that, so clever. I love summer-y dresses :)

  9. Meghan awesome ring...I love it, it's so vintage:))

    Thank you for all your feel better thoughts:) I'm dying :)

    You look so gorgeous, like always:)
    Have a lovely weekend


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