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Oh hi, that's just me and my adorable dog Oreo stalking each other. Her idea of playing is either biting or running away from you when you need to catch her. There's no "fetch" with this one.

Our lovely/lame weather pattern continues. Half the day the sky is white, and then some blue shows through in the afternoon while the wind blows leaves into my work. Me-Made May is a little tough when it's cold, I've never gotten into making trousers! Doughnut holes and chai lattes help. So does a light color palette and floral wedges. I felt like the sand, sea & sky today!

cardigan - new york & co. | top - self made | necklace - thrifted | jeans - wet seal | shoes - Crossroads

Today's Yays ♥ my co-worker got his dream job ♥ jammin' (and by that I mean air guitar) to Radio Moscow ♥ girl talk (not the band this time) ♥ Costco muffins mmmm ♥ finishing my shelf refinishing (I love decorating!)


  1. there you go again.. wearing those adorable wedges just to inspire envy in the rest of us!! :)

  2. Cute! Love the necklace and sandals!!!

  3. I usually don't like wedges, but those are ADORABLE. Also, you have such a cute dog!

  4. Adorable shoes!! So glad Me Made May is still going well!

  5. wonderfully cute all the way around, but especially the shoes :)


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