Fashion Therapy - Cherry Cola

Centering an outfit around a scarf and sort of boat-neck sweater kind of sent me down a retro spiral this morning. It was raining and I was out of time and bored with the plain driveway background, so I thought I'd hop up onto the fence for a sort of 50's pose, which just ended up being terrifying since the other side drops sixteen feet into brambles and the train tracks. Well, there's my one scary thing accomplished for the day!

I have to credit Zoe of Haiku Ambulance for being pretty much my sole motivation for trying the head scarf thing. She rocks one almost every day, and I'm kind of obsessed now. I need to get more solid colors, and wear them for the next oh year or two while my hair grows out. Problems solved! The cherry earring, well I just thought this outfit called for more kitsch...

Due to a massive scheduling error, I had no one to open the store with me this morning, so I basically got paid to walk around and shop and not work for three hours until someone finally came. I found an awesome dress on sale, some cute rosebud studs and another Obey t-shirt. Scores! Oh, and some instant oatmeal.

top - self made | scarf - thrifted | coat - diy redo | jeans - macy's | shoes, earrings - ?

How was your Monday?


  1. I love navy and red together, very cute :) I want those pants!

    Mikhaila @

  2. That shirt + Those earrings = Amazingly adorable. I love this look!

  3. Oooo, I love that red jacket and your head scarf!

  4. ack I agree, those earrings are adorable! :) also, as always, cute outfit! :)

  5. Love this look! You are a doll :)

    xoxo Maria

  6. I think you look fantastic!!! I seriously love your outfit, that scarf is perfect. So cute!!! I'll be returning =)

  7. I lovee the head scarf! I'm going to have to try this, it's perfect on you. :)

  8. Love the head scarf... I can never seem to pull it off as well as you do!

  9. This looks great on you! I love this retro look!

  10. Love it! I only wish I had a teeny tiny head scarf like that one :(
    I buy them whenever I see them- once you're hooked you can't have enough.

    Although, I probably have at least a handful of tumors from consistently having things tightly wrapped around my skull.

    But you dear, look amazing!

  11. I love your outfit!! It inspires mi a lot!! I got a coat like yours... is so bored and I'm going to redo something to it to make it fun :)




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