Fashion Therapy - Sock It To Me

Thank you gals so much for your well wishes! I didn't have a very serious case of food poisoning, and I'm feeling much recovered. Nevertheless, I didn't want to wear anything tight around the waist yesterday, so I pulled out my baggiest jeans and went from there.

Don't let the blue skies fool you; the sun went behind the clouds so many times during the two minutes I spent taking photos before work that the lighting's all messed up, and brrr it was not really quite the weather for a light shirt and sleeveless jacket! Later that evening it started pouring, though the temperature was so low it  was supposed to snow in the Santa Cruz Mountains—not a usual event!

My inspiration came from a photo from the Araks Spring 2010 collection, though I wouldn't try it pant-less even in warmer weather. My white shirt and vest had been hanging out together in my closet for a month now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to try out the look. I have to say I am so so so much happier with the trench since I took the sleeves off!

vest - old cheap trench w/sleeves removed  |  shirt - new york & co. |  jeans - crossroads
socks - target  |  shoes - michael by michael kors, via crossroads

Since it was so chilllllly but I really wanted to wear these platforms to spruce up the look (and put me at eye-level with customers, they tend to behave better that way), I tried out socks with them. I really enjoyed how it looked, but I felt kind of unsafe all day, like I was slipping and sliding. Does this happen to you brave sock and sandal wearers??


  1. You have great style! I've yet to try the socks and sandals look... but you look so cute in them! Sometimes my feet slide around in heels when I wear tights with them. Airplus makes a fantastic ball of foot cushion (and they are clear, so they work with pretty much any shoe). I found them at Walmart - 2 pairs for $3.

  2. That def happens to me if I wear tights and sandals. I love how you cuffed the jeans and wore them w/ the socks and sandals, though!

  3. Recovering from food poisoning and still looking like a model? Way to go! Love the whole thing! And those platforms...swoon :)


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