Fashion Therapy - Primary Colors

I felt like bring bright today. No egg coloring this year; a week of hard-boiled eggs is a bit much for me. But I still took some inspiration from it being Easter: bright yellow reminds me of fuzzy little chickies! I decided the blue tights would really pop against the shoes, though luckily I don't have a red skirt or I'd be a perfect primary color chart. I also ended up matching the pretty smelling yellow blossoms that are everywhere around my house right now. Gotta love taking color-coordination to the extreme!

When I was setting up my camera this morning, a guy running by commented something like "oh nice, posies" and I felt horrible because my first thought was "a posy isn't a kind of flower, idiot, it's a small bouquet" and then he was up the street before I could try to come up with an appropriately polite response. I don't know why I am so literal minded, or why I find it so strange when strangers feel the need to make inane comments. Then again, I feel pretty okay commenting "oh cute!" on people's blogs. Sigh...

cardigan - tresics | top - new york & co. | skirt - self made | tights - hue | shoes - target

 6 Things That Made Me Yay Lately
♥ closing three hours early for Easter sunday ♥ accidentally parking in a pay lot for two hours (without paying) and not getting a ticket, phew! ♥ my neighbor gave me a black & white film camera, it's fun to start experimenting with film for the first time since I was ten ♥ feeling a sense of renewed hope and dreams for the future ♥ selling a scarf on etsy ♥ enjoying rice, beans, salsa & the best tortilla chips in town with two lovely friends I haven't seen in a while


  1. Happy Easter! :) I love your 'yay' list! and you look perfect in primary colors. You're seriously so gorgeous! x

  2. *squeels* I love the blue tights with yellow shoes combination and how the yellow flowers just compliments your shoes!! A refreshing sight for spring :3

  3. I LOVE the colors! The yellow top is great with your blue tights :)

    Sounds like a good Easter!

  4. Such a fun look, love it! Happy late Easter!

    xoxo Maria

  5. I lovee these colors! That skirt is lovely! And I can't wait to start seeing some flowers like that!

  6. Those shoes are perfectly sweet with the blue tights!!

    And B&W film cameras ROCK!! Remember to post some pics :]

  7. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


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