Fashion Therapy - The Old Lady Sweatah

I'm definitely in a little rut thanks to the weather (also pronounced "weath-ah"). I only want to wear spring dresses and no tights, but the pesky rains and wind say nay nay, so I kind of give up. I do love this baggy gold-laced 80's sweater, though. I can just see it being worn in my old age with one of those crazy gold sequined hats old ladies in casinos wear. Maybe some gold Keds and stirrup pants to round out the picture.

I thought I was tougher than I really am (or at least my feet) when I decided to wear these boots for a ten-hour day on my feet. I was hobbling around CVS that night, trying to hurry up and pick vitamins so I could go home and collapse. It's two days later and the balls of my feet are still tender and bruised. What we do for the sake of fashion...
sweater - thrifted  |  jeans - wet seal  |  boots - steve madden


  1. Those boots are totally gorgeous and made the outfit. I think they were worth the pain - although it wasn't my feet :-)

  2. loove the simplicty of the outfit. sometimes comfort and ease is my style and this outfit definitely looks like that. very nice! :)

  3. By far the hippest old lady sweatah. Evah.

    And when you wear the gold keds, just make sure your stirrups on on the outside of the shoe.

    I'll buy you a pack of Virginia Slim Menthol 100s to celebrate :)

  4. love the snuggly outfit!! the boots are so damn good!!


  5. How deceiving! those boots look so comfortable :[

  6. Cute casual outfit. It looks perfectly comfy. :)

  7. Hey tough girl-- those boots looks amazing and yes only a saucy grandma hitting the slots all night long could do that sweater justice..or you!

    I love that sweater! It's hard for me to think beyond the sweet dresses and no tights thing for Spring, but I'm kinda digging the big sweater and kick ass boots look too!

    xo Jenny

  8. Girl, I feel ya. I love my heels but I just can't stand walking in them for too long. Love the sweater look!

    xoxo Maria


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