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Today was so lovely, the sun so warm, the sky so blue. Spring has definitely sprung, again. Hopefully the April showers will hold off a bit longer! I just got this breezy little dress, but didn't think I'd be warm enough to wear it anytime soon, unless it was over a long-sleeve tee and thick tights. Then the weather surprised me, as usual, and I had to throw it on.

I mainly sat around on my deck today, finishing my skirt tutorial and eating mangoes. It took me almost the whole day to decompress from my workweek. The beautiful weather and a nice long walk down to the beach helped remind me where and when I was.

dress - new deal | cardigan - pretty mama | boots - aldo

I was shocked by how warm the air still was by six p.m., so I went to get rainbow sherbet and lime daiquiri ice cream and ate it at nearby favorite lookout point. It was so nice to sit on a bench in the golden afternoon sunlight and watch the sun sparkle off the water.

This is the view overlooking Seacliff Beach and the cement ship. The SS Palo Alto was towed here in 1929 after being built for World War I. It was used as an amusement park for a few years until the ship cracked, and has been slowly decaying ever since. When I was a kid you could still go out and walk around the upper deck, but it's since sunken even further and is now closed to all but sea life. I wish I could have seen it in it's heyday, when it had a dance floor and swimming pool!

5 Things That Made MeYay Today
♥ eating ice cream in the evening and still being the perfect temperature ♥ coming within five feet of a skunk and not getting sprayed (it was a baby and didn't notice me) ♥ finding an adorable, unworn white dress at Crossroads for half the regular price ♥ having not just my own adorable dog to fawn over, but petting THREE more in one day—one looked like a lamb, the other like a little sheep, and the third like a little teddy bear. I wanted them all! ♥ sleeping in until 9 a.m. *gasp* on my day off


  1. Amazing pics!!! Be careful with the train! ;)


  2. I always love reading your yay lists. :) I think this dress is one of my favorites on you. The detail and color is so are so pretty! And mmmm..baskins <3

  3. I love the dress with the boots! So chic!!

  4. are those the channel islands?

    love your dress and pics! sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. These pics were actually taken from a spot pretty much in the middle of the big crescent of the Monterey Bay. To the left is Monterey, and to the right is Santa Cruz :]

  6. I just found your blog via Weardrobe- and I'm in love! Your photos are beautiful.

  7. This post makes me smile. :] I love how the boots finish the outfit. What a cute dress.

    And I ADORE ADORE that picture with the Baskin Robbins. What great weather you've been getting. It's been raining all week here. :[

  8. such cute photos, love them! super cute dress as well.

  9. Great photos!! Love the train track ones.. I'm thinking of going to take some by the tracks this weekend.. :)

    xx Love & Aloha


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