Fashion Therapy - Peter Pan[dora]

I am so happy to have found brown tights! I've spotted them on several bloggers and love how they look; less severe and ashy with skin shining through, unlike black. Now I just need a white dress to go with them! It was actually so warm this afternoon that I took off the sweater, which is amazing since I'm usually freezing when everyone else is comfortable.

(Hrmm, moving pictures are fun but so grainy! Does anyone know of a better generator?)

cardigan - old navy, via crossroads, 1 yr. old  |  dress - self made, new  |  belt - wet seal, 9 mo.
underskirt - self made  |  tights - hue, new  |  shoes - unknown, old

I think I'm going to turn the dress into a skirt. I felt a bit too much like Peter Pan in this. Where are my lost boys? (Speaking of, fun fact: much of the 1987 movie The Lost Boys was filmed in my hometown!) I liked how the zebra print cardigan complimented the uneven two-tone stripes on the underskirt. Plus, brown tights and brown ballet flats? Did I mention I heart being matchy-matchy!?

5 Things That Made Me Yay Yesterday
♥ my puppy bouncing & chasing after bugs ♥ spotting a Cheshire moon after seeing Alice in Wonderland
♥ discovering my tax return was direct deposited earlier than expected ♥ winning a cool vintage purse from The SF Style giveaway! ♥ pepperoni pizza, The Simpsons & Family Guy


  1. oo love the zebra cardi!

  2. You are darling, love it! I would love to have a meetup for all the northern CA bloggers one day...

    xoxo Maria

  3. I love the zebra with all of this. The green is unexpected. I love the dress but I say, if you're not totally digging it, make it a skirt. Why not?

  4. I love the mix of bright color and the print!

  5. Zebra print!! This looks very fresh against the green. I need some animal print in my life.

  6. you made that dress? well done i really love the color on you!! and the cardigan is awesome <3

  7. This is outfit is such a delight!

  8. This is outfit is such a delight!


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