Fashion Therapy - Grow Up & Blow Away

The past few days have been sunny, even though there's still a cutting cold wind. I am unbelievably excited about daylight savings in a few days! Baby steps, baby steps! I'm struggling with taking photos in direct morning sunlight with my point and shoot, until I can get a new CF card. Birthday money soon ;]

I love the buttons on this cardigan (I also have it in blue and white)—they look like delicious little cake decorations. I have a special place in my heart for dandelions, so when I came across the grey and white with the flowers dancing across it, I was super excited. I can't wait to wear full skirts with bare legs come summer!

cardigan - new york & co., 4 months old  |  belt - wet seal, 8 mo.  skirt - self made, 3 mo.  |  shoes - payless, 3 mo.  |  layered tights

P.S. The post title is a Metric song, whom I'm going to see in two weeks from tonight. Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait! Check out my slightly fan-girlish post about the lead singer's style & their music here if you dare ;]

5 Things That Made Me Yay Today
♥ warm showers; it sounds so basic, but nothing is better than a nice shower to warm you when you're cold, soothe your senses, and make you smell good  ♥ a.m. sunshine to add sparkle to the ocean on my morning walk  ♥ that morning walk; I want to get in shape and feel stronger!  ♥ peach pie with whipped cream  ♥ waking up and realizing I'd slept a lovely nine hours while the rain came down and washed everything clean

What made you go "yay" recently (out loud or just internally)?


  1. Aw! Adorable outfit and photos! When I was reading your post in my google reader I only saw the top half of your outfits, but as I scrolled down I saw the bold burgundy tights AND I LOVED IT!

  2. That skirt is beyond adorable and I love the unexpected burgundy tights! Yay for spring finally melting the snow (well, most of it!)

  3. The buttons are quite the delish indeed.

    And I can use some peach pie with a ton of whipped right now. :]

    What made me go YAY today was the chocolate heart a coworker left on my desk. I gobbled it up real quick hahaha

  4. I love this..! Railroad track photos are my favorite! That cardigan is so pretty!

  5. hmmmyumm the colour of your tights!



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