Fashion Therapy: Accidental 80s

When I looked at this photo tonight, my first thought was: Madonna? Perhaps it's the black
gloves, or maybe the lacy tights and kind of 80's boots. At least those necklaces are keys,
not crosses! I don't really even like the decade or Madonna all that much...
top & gloves: h&m  |  skirt: self-made  |  tights/socks: target 
boots: etsy  |  necklaces: forever 21/don't remember

I haven't worn those necklaces in a long time.People always make lames jokes about the keys,
such as "Is that the key to your heart?" Not anyone age appropriate or cute though... I admit I
am a bit grouchy about Valentines Day. I mean, really picnik, do you have to show unnaturally
beautiful couples on every widget possible for weeks before the actual "holiday"? And PayPal,
thanks for all the emails reminding me so many times that I don't have a boyfriend to order gifts
online for! The only Feb. 14th-related thing I've come across this month that doesn't make me
feel a little (or a lot) annoyed is this diy post by Kristen of Idiosyncratic Style. Thanks for that!


  1. Oh, Valentine's Day. I have a boy and am still annoyed by the entire thing. He keeps asking what to get me. How about nothing, since the day means nothing? It's always nice to give and get gifts, yes, but I don't like the forcedness of it all. Get me something because you want to, not because it's February 14th.

  2. i have to admit I am not much of a valentines girl (whether i am in a couple or not) but that's what inspired me to write the post that was relevant for celebrating all kinds of loves in your life.

    Thanks for including my post, I am glad you liked it whether you are celebrating valentines or not, at least you celebrate your style!!!

  3. what . a . shape!!!

    I love the silhouette of this outfit. Are those lace up boots your recently purchase from Etsy? How do you like them? :]

  4. Hi,

    I like the outfit and I am especially fond of the key necklace! People keep asking me the same thing and I answer it's either "the key to success" or the "key to time and space". I bought flowers for myself on last years Valentine and I am intending to have lots of chocolate on Sunday!
    Cheer up^^



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