Fashion Therapy: What A Hoot

dress: self-made  |  vest: re-revamp  |  black long-sleeve: wet seal  |  scarf: self-made  |  shoes: payless
My Rebel's CF card has committed suicide apparently, so I'm back to my good old point and shoot.
Obviously, my ghostly white hands above were a result of poor settings choices, but I think the photo 
below redeems itself quite nicely. Introducing, my new best friend Georgie the owl!
I found it during my lunch break for $10.50 at Crossroads. Even though penguins and peacocks are my first 
bird loves, this beauty is such a find. I smile whenever I look down at it, and that is totally worth ten bucks! 
Eeeeespecially since I found a hundo on the floor in my work yesterday ;]


  1. Red tights!! Where are they from?? I've been looking all over for really nice, opaque red tights!! :D

  2. Hi ^^

    This dress is wonderful! I love roses. And similarly I am always looking for peacock shaped jewellery. Have a wonderful day!


  3. I love what you did with that jacket!! That is really neat and definetly very wearable.

    By the way, I am crazy about birds too!! Also, their lovely birdcages!! Lovely ring!


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