Fashion Therapy: Toile Tales

I have a bit of a thing for toile {pronounced: ˈtwäl). Maybe it's left over from my years working in a fabric
   store. I would love to have a whole room wallpapered in the stuff, depicting sweet picnic and nature
scenes. Or a bunch of adorable penguins on ice floes, but that would definitely be a custom job...
Anyway, I was really excited to score a piece of toile-print t-shirt knit from the remnant tables months
ago, which I turned into a little dress. It's too short and sheer for winter and I wanted to keep it pastoral,
so I wore it over another skirt dirndl-style. Fun fact: my mom is from Austria (different than Australia!)
and actually dressed me in Lederhosen as a child. The tie belt is just a strip of leftover black material.
dress: self-made | black skirt: self-made | sweater: h&m | tights: unknown
boots: steve madden | necklace: forever 21 | belt: diy

Superbowl Sunday turned out to be pretty, bright and sunny all day, which is unusual for the area.
After 2:30 it was pretty dead at work, and for that I appreciate professional sports just a bit more!

Here's some more toile to finish the day:

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  1. I absolutely love what you did with that dress. Such a gorgeous print!


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