Fashion Therapy: Sunday Morning

I’m not a Valentine, but today was pretty darned good!This is special because it was work.
Phew, I 'm beat though; I thought people go on dates on Valentine's, not shopping?? 
 Anyway, I love lace tights layered over opaque ones, and these shoes I call my “party flats.”
The big plastic jewel on one of them fell out, but I found it again, seven hours later. Hooray! 
top: self-made | cardigan: tresics | skirt: self-made | black tights: wet seal 
shoes: forever 21 | belt: thrifted | flower pin: diy

The day started with chilly fog in my neck of the woods when I took these photos. But just 
across town the weather was sunny and beautiful and not many people's idea of middle of 
February. People were out in full force. After work I went out for a drink with a friend in a 
nice warm dark red bar. I hate going places and being cold! I ordered a St Germain Cham-
pagne cocktail involving elderberry liquer and lemon; 'twas sweet flowery perfection! Mmm!

I hope everyone is having a magical and lurve-filled Sunday!


  1. Totally cute. Very pretty photos, and those close-ups really made the post even more interesting. xoxo

  2. That's a beautiful flower pin! Can't believe it's a DIY! You've got talent :]


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