Fashion Therapy: Sun Sets

"I don't do hypothetical situations, sir. That's like lying to your brain."  - Kenneth on 30 Rock.
 I think that's a pretty funny way to look at things, and it's apt since I'm trying to think positive
thoughts and do visualization exercises as of late. Is lying to my brain really so bad?
I wore this to go get some fun little sequins and beads and fabric to make stuff. I adore the airy knit
sweater, and of course I'm digging grey again today. I went for a walk by the beach and the winter
sun sparkled so prettily off the water that even though the sky and water were shades of grey, they
still looked happy. The tights are supposed to be lavender, but they look like white socks or some-
thing, so I don't think I will be repeating that particular combination. I was pretty comfy though.
 sweater: h&m |  scarf: self-made |  top: self-made |  jeans: wet seal
tights: we love colors |  shoes: payless

Continuing on with Radical Self Love stuff, I've been writing down things I'm grateful for or happy about all day, and it's definitely made a difference in my outlook so far. Here's my list:

Project Runway is on tonight  Being six weeks & two payments away from paying off some debt and being able to save some money Blueberries Three days off from work in a row  Harper's Bazaar & 50 Dresses That Changed The World arriving in the mail together Penguin slippers  Key Lime Pie Going for a walk and not getting rained on Sleeping over nine hours last night Finding money on the floor at work 30 Rock on netflix Good books for helping me smile and cry and feel hope and magic New blog followers "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon Trees Mac 'n cheese Living by the ocean Indoor plumbing & radiators Free candy Having a backup camera so I can still take pictures New craft supplies
What are you happy about? 


  1. I love the beach! I don't live right on it, but I'm from NJ so it's a day trip whenever I want. And I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have that easy access to surf and sand.

    I'm sure you'll make the obligatory "Jersey Shore" joke here and that's fine...I love the abuse I get over being from NJ! :)

  2. Yes!!! Way to rock the lavender tights. Can't think of a better way to wear them.


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