Fashion Therapy: Ezy Breezy

[Due to my dog jumping onto the keyboard earlier & punching off the "A" key,it's effed up & difficult to enter. The rest of this post might be odd since I will be trying not to use the letter I just mentioned.]

This is the outfit I wore to go looking for trousers I've been eying online @ uo, since trousers r tricky  fit-wise to shop for online. I tried to put on "shopping clothes," both simple to remove & put on, & works with the stuff I'm shopping for. I'm a bit excited there is not one black thing in this outfit! Wowie!

The purse is the one I've used continuously since I found it in one of the Crossroads in S.F. I love the multiple pockets & the middle zipper opens up for more room (like I do when I go to the movies & bring in tons of food). Note: I thought it might be fun to track how long ago (or recently) I acquired the items in my closet, to see what I wear on a daily basis.

♥ shoes: target < 3 yrs.
♥ grey denim: wet seal < 1 yr.
♥ shirt: new york & co. < 1 yr.
♥ kimono sleeve sweater: forever 21 < 1 yr.
♥ belt: thrifted < 2 months
♥ purse: crossroads < 3 months

Some guy on roller-blades & loony style downtown told me my style looked "1984, 1985" on his ride by me. Huh, yet more unintentional 80's outfits. So I thought, why? I was born in 1984. Then the white blouse reminded me of something Jennifer Grey might wear in Ferris Bueller's Day Off... I'm kind of annoyed that curly hair is so "80's"! So annoyed I'm making the same face inside she is:


  1. cute outfit, retro never goes out of style!


  2. You look fab in pants. The sweater is so slouchy and cute!

  3. I want this outfit!
    -Gina, Crossroads Trading Co.


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