Fashion Therapy: Electric Avenue

I can't get over how utterly lovely the weather has been lately! On days like these, I do understand a bit of why people adore this area. If it was a leeetle bit warmer, it'd be like a Hawaiian morning, blue skied and before the real heat sets in. Except that in reality I'm going to work, not to the veranda for brunch.
The sunshine was so bright, these photos look like Technicolor. I didn't edit them, and I was surprised by the vibrance of the colors. The blues didn't look that electric that inside!
Acacias are blooming all over town. I love seeing their bright yellow softness from the bleakness of the freeway. The color and texture is so cheerful! This little dog was so frightened of my tripod that he wouldn't walk past me and his owner had to come back and encourage him. Fine weather really brings out the doggies!
blue-grey dress: self-made | blue sress/cardigan: forever 21 via discount store | belt: thrifted
jacket: wet seal | necklace: thrifted | shoes: michael by michael kors via crossroads

I'm still cold at work and it cools off quickly when the sun sets, so I'm wearing two pairs of tights and another shirt under the two sweater-dresses. This got a little much when I went for a little stroll along the beach on my lunch break, and I got some stares from the joggers, haha. Whatever, I like the idea now of being girly and wearing dresses to the beach. I'm a bit shocked by how weird and almost wrong it feels now to wear my old pants! A month or two can really change ingrained habits and assumptions. Spring is going to be wonderful this year; I haven't worn dresses since I was in elementary school.

Also, I got tickets to see Metric next month. I am so excited to see this band with my girls and dance
and I can barely even think yet about what I'm going to wear!

playing on pandora: the sounds
what are you listening to?


  1. This is such a fun and quirky outfit.
    You are fab in blueeeee!!

    You are the queen of tights. I wonder how many you have in your collection :P


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