Yesterday's Outfit: Ho-Hum

Last day of work for the week, and I am ready for a break. Obviously my intentions to dress 
for a better mood have been flailing lately, as has my mood.

kimono sweater: forever 21 |  black long cardigan: tresics |  jeans: just usa
boots: ross |  green patterned shirt (underneath): crossroads

Hmm, which comes first — Does the bag-lady look with lots of layers and no color make me a
grumpy cashier, or does being a cashier make me feel like a grumpy baglady who hates wearing
colors? The age-old philosophy debate continues...


  1. I like the layered look of this ensemble. Not too ho-hum, but it would look quite nice with a vibrant color thrown in there somewhere (scarf? necklace?) Those boots are great!

  2. ooh i like the slouchy look! you rock it.


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