shorts: west via crossroads, shirt: forever 21, shoes, payless, cardigan: new york & co.

It was surprisingly warm out today; we often have sunshine all winter but not warmth. Setting up the darn tripod on gravel made me a little sweaty, but I'm grateful for the blinding opportunity because it soon got chilly again.
I'm really happy with the shorts, which I found on a total whim while searching for boots. They are the only thing I've come across that actually look anything like these shorts by Chloe that I adore looking at. 
I saw It's Complicated today; Alec Baldwin is a creeep but Meryl is an inspiration!


  1. Those shorts ARE amazing. :] I just browsed through your entries and I really dig your style.

    I hope you don't mind if I link you. I'd love to keep my finger your page and follow what you have to say. I loved that you used Channing's quote!

    Chris @ http://www.tinytines.com

  2. cute outfit and a really great photo shoot. Hope you have a great new year! keep posting because you have such interesting posts :D

  3. Adorable! I love the blue cardigan and grey tights breaking up the black and white combo at the center of this outfit.


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