Fashion Therapy: Fashion Feud Double Play

sweater: new york & co., | belts: thrifted | skirt: thrifted | shoes: payless | tights: unknown x 2

This is what I wore for a day of work, after which I snatched up my friend Melissa from her school's
mountainous campus and headed to San Francisco for a Fashion Feud. I wanted to extend the lacy look of the skirt, so I layered black lace tights over plain black ones. I was going for a sort of flapper look with the
skirt covered by the long sweaterdress. I couldn't decide which belt I wanted to wear, and while I was wearing them both and trying to pick, I found the combo kind of interesting and wore then both (not a
good idea after we stopped at In N Out on the way home!)

We had a little photo shoot on the street outside the club. This is what she wore:

The event was really fun; it was basically a Project Runway-inspired competition where three local designers
(this was the finals) received identical pieces of fabric and had one hour to sew outfits for their live models.
Oh, and this is all done on a stage, in front of people milling about with drinks. I loved watching them all tear
into the fabric as soon as the timer started and create three totally different looks. I wish I could have taken
some pictures, but the photo release form was a bit ridiculous to me so I didn't take any. I want to go to
moreof these events though, the energy was really inspiring!

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  1. That sounds likea a fun event! What you wore was adorable, too, I love the layering and have just mentally added another look to try on my own to an ever growing list in my head...


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