blazer: rampage via ross, dress: audrey 3.1, leggings: forever 21, shoes: crossroads

I'm not sure what got into me this morning. I started with this dress that I wore once, on my birthday, nine months ago, imagining that $price/#wears = cost per wear equation. So um, so far this dress is around $15 a wear? Not good... maybe I'll sell it to Crossroads... I figured I'd be too cold with tights, so I layered black fishnets over black leggings to create some texture and spice up the sweet little dress. I am pretty limited with footwear choices, since I'm getting tired of my plain black faux suede boots, and flats really are too cold for my sensitive feets; I can't wait to order some lace-up boots this weekend!

I realized the skirt of this dress, along with the leggings, strongly reminds me of an outfit I wore when I was five. On a day in 1989 when I got chased by a dog. Maybe that's why I'm not too in to it? Not the best outfit to wear if you are working on being in the Now!

Things I'm looking forward to this month:
- Fashion Feud Finals in San Francisco. I have heard of these "competitions" before, but now I actually know about one that hasn't happened yet. I really want to go, it sounds like so much fun and a great way to meet like-minded people!
- Project Runway. I've never really watched it, since I never really watch tv, but I'm trying to start a viewing club. This goes along with the aim of starting a sewing club; people sitting around noisy sewing machines unable to talk, but bonding nonetheless. I need some up-and-at-em to make more clothes!
- Cementing good habits. All the time I've been putting into reading, positive affirmations, yoga, and writing (dreams, gratitude lists, debunking false beliefs) seems to be taking some effect! I feel more like myself, and less like a grumpy old wretch.
- The end of dog-sitting. 4+ hours of yowling is really detriMENTAL to my sleep schedule. Yawn. Growl.

You can only succeed if you never stop trying!


  1. That's a really interesting dress with the peplum. I don't know why it is so intruiging to me, but the fact that you don't find it equally awesome is sad. :(

    Hahaha. Seriously though, very cute.

  2. adorable! i love that dress!!!

  3. I actually like the layering a lot! The gold flats really work with the outfit.


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