Fashion Therapy: All Black Outfit #2

sweater: thrifted/crossroads | belt: thrifted | dress: american apparel henley
leggings: forever 21 | boots: vintage/etsy | ring: forever 21

I just got the belt, and I like to think it has a slight golden sheen, so I wore it with the black and gold sweater.
I ended up taking the belt off though because I ate too much and couldn't breathe. Sorry for the crap photos,
it started raining as I was outside walking the dog and I had to run. All black outfit repeat inspired by:

This blog (and chictopia) has really made me realize how much of my stuff is from stores like Forever 21!
Last week I read a rash of blog posts regarding Made In U.S. clothing versus clothing whose manufacture
probably exploits other people. I love me some Forever 21, but... I've decided to stop buying new clothing
that is made outside of the United States. I'm going to start frequenting Crossroads and scouring the good
thrift stores in town fore goodies more often, instead of splurging of cheaply made new "must-haves." I'll
save money, too!!

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