[ DIY Jacket Update ]

I've had this cheap black military-style trench for years and rarely wear it. I added better buttons
but something was always too blah (probably the fabric and the fact that a few years ago the sleeve lining
got messed up and a button fell off and disappeared...)
But I gave it a quick CHOP CHOP and SEW SEW and VOILA! I have a new layering piece!

In a few months I'll probably get tired of the short sleeves, go all the way and make it a sleeveless vest.

P.S. I went to Ross looking for cooking utensils and found those over-the-knee
boots for half the price of the least expensive pair I had found online, how
stoked am I??? I love checking things off of my Wishlist ;]


  1. wow. the after result is very chic! i'd be glad to put it on! ♥

  2. Great idea, nice update on the trench!

  3. I really like this style. Casual jackets and jeans are just the coolest in winter!


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