[ DIY Crochet Flowers ]

After a brief foray into knitting (yup, still hate it) I recently re-entered the world of crochet.
I'm now obsessed with making flowers; they're quick, easy and fun!

While browsing for patterns, I lucked out and discovered a TON of instructions for crocheted
flowers collected at crochetpatterncentral.com. Lilies, daisies, borage flowers, clovers, carnations,
aah the possibilities are endless!

This necklace is made from plastic shopping bags - I'm inspired to make some pretty garlands
for my bathroom AND recycle at the same time.

Instructions at blog.makezine.com

I want to make these with black yarn and spray my favorite perfume on them!
from apartmenttherapy.com

Teeny flowers go well scattered on, well, anything! via made-in-china.com

And a pretty handmade necklace would make a lovely gift!
Instructions here at blog.craftzine.com

Now to buy a billion different yarns and hooks!  I wonder if they make gold yarn...

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  1. Hi Meghan,

    Just found you through Stumbleupon.

    I also love to crochet more than knit. I found a tutorial recently for crocheting little hearts of which I have made quite a few and even had a Giveaway on my blog and gave some away that I had made. If you would like to know how to crochet a heart you can come visit me at sjmcdowell.blogspot.com and look for my Heart Giveaway. Go to my posts and you will find a link for the tutorial.




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