[ The 90's: she's a total Monet ]

I've re-watched Clueless more times than I can count. I was eleven when Clueless came out in '95 and I think my fashion "sense" involved overalls and a floral t-shirt. I completely envied Cher's crazy automated closet. I also like to credit this movie as my first introduction to Paul Rudd, mmm. I've watched the movie countless times over the years and am always somehow entertained and captured. Turns out it was based on Jane Austen's 1815 comedy-of-manners Emma...
Watching it now inspires both "OMG THAT'S SOOO 90'S!"  and "Wow! Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy look so young!" reactions, as well as rekindling an old desire to wear a little suit with knee socks like Cher and Dionne do in the opening scene...

[Note to self: bring back the water bottle chain holder]

Hmmm does "plaid, over-the-knee socks, mini purses and blazers" sound familiar to anyone?

To my profound surprise and disappointment I did not grow up to look anything like this in high school.
Thanks Hollywood!

Did Cher get that outfit from Mrs. Claus' garage sale?

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