[ 18th Century: Pre-Industrialization & the Female Form ]

The French Revolution ended Marie Antoinette and the popularity of extensive ornamentation (lots of feathers, ruffles, fur, lace and ribbons, worn over boned but not uncomfortably tight corsets or stays that exaggerated torso and hips). But is sure looked amazing while it lasted...


The last of the 1790's showed the decline of the corset and the adoption of a more natural high-waisted look, complete with flowing fabric and a period of greater comfort going into the Victorian Era. What was once only worn in the bedroom became everyday fashion.

The above illustration from the period shows the "new" look of the 1790's (left) versus the "old" style of only fifteen years before (right). Fashions changed almost as quickly as they do now!

Goya, 1793


So much time, effort, and discomfort went into the clothing of this era. I makes one more grateful for jeans and a t-shirt. Yet I still sometimes wish that the gigantic creations were still in vogue. Who wouldn't feel pretty (and warm!) under ten layers of fur and silk?

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