Fifties Redux

I netflixed How To Marry A Millionaire (I'm a late-comer to old movies) and fell in lurve with the fur muffs, lady-like yet demure style, full skirts and sweater dresses of the era...
how to marry a millionaire
 which reminded me of To Catch A Thief and the gorgeous outfits of Grace Kelly...
 grace kelly
which set me off on a little 1950's mental fashion spree...

[Donna Stackhouse]

 [Irving Penn]



  1. I totally love these styles but I can't imagine the upkeep...all the lingerie, panty hose, clothing, and then the hair!
    Ah, I suppose I can dream about it though.

  2. great photos and inspiration. Maybe the look is a little high-maintenance for me today, but that doesn't mean I can't borrow elements from these glamorous classic ladies.


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