[ Dimestore Diamond: Beth Ditto ]

I'm loving The Gossip and Beth Ditto's defiant and strong leadership...

On her convictions: "...one of the ways we're not willing to sell out is by acting straight, talking straight, 
being thin. I don't want to look like Britney Spears, I just don't want to. She's hideous."

 On fashion: "...you don't have any swagger, you look crazy, just wear flats!"

On her voice: "Even talking, I'm super-loud. I could never have that kind of meek, little
wispy whimsical lavender and lace voice. It comes from my body."


On music: "How many indie rock bands aren't straight white boys? And what do they have to be pissed 
about in this country? Nothing. And that's the truth. Right now, you rule this country, you have 
the majority. What do you have to be angsty about?"

Keep rocking, girl!


  1. i love gossip! fabulous post & blog!

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